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Janet Cannon Reading Her Poetry, Taos, NM 2008

Janet Cannon at art gallery, Taos, NM -- 2008
(Photo Credit: Glenn Pike)

Janet Cannon Reading Her Poetry, Kerouac Conference, Naropa Assembly Hall, Boulder, Colorado, 1982

Janet Cannon at Naropa, Boulder -- 1982
(Photo Credit: Sharon Guynup)

Janet Cannon, Photo in the Southwest American Literature Literary Journal

Janet Cannon, Redmond, WA -- 2012
(Published in Southwest American Literature)

Janet Cannon, Harwood Library, Taos News, Taos, NM, circa_1977

Janet Cannon at Harwood Library, Taos -- 1977
(Photo Credit: Taos News)

Janet Cannon Reading Her Poetry, DH Lawrence Ranch, NM, circa 1978

Janet Cannon at Lawrence Ranch -- 1978
(Photo Credit: Gene Frumpkin)

Janet Cannon Reading Her Poetry, Taos Poetry Festival, Taos, NM 2007

Janet Cannon, at Poetry Festival, Taos -- 2007
(Photo Credit: Glenn Pike)

Poet Janet Cannon, Manhattan, circa 1991

Janet Cannon, NYC, NY -- circa 1991
(Photo Credit: Sharon Guynup)

Janet Cannon, IowaCity, IA, circa 1971

Janet Cannon, Iowa City, IA -- circa 1971
(Photo Credit: unknown)

Poet Janet_Cannon, Taos, NM, circa 1979

Janet Cannon, Taos, NM -- circa 1979
(Photo Credit: Ira Stein)


Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, New_School, NYC, 2022

Janet Cannon, The New School, NYC--2022

Janet Cannon, et al Reading in Mill Valley, CA -- March 2017

Janet Cannon, Mill Valley, CA--2018

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Oral Gallery, Taos, NM, circa_2017

Janet Cannon, Orale Gallery, Taos, NM--2017

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Saint John's College, Santa Fe, NM, 981

Janet Cannon, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM--1981

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, NYC Public Library, Jefferson Market Branch, NYC,NY, 1987

Janet Cannon, Jefferson Library, NYC--1987


Janet Cannon, New College, San Francisco, CA--1981

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Zukabee Gallery, Middletown, NY, 1994

Janet Cannon, Zukabee Gallery, NY--1994

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Noel Fine Art, Bronxville, NY, 1987

Janet Cannon, Noel Fine Art, NY--1987

Janet Cannon, The Group Janet, CBGB's Gallery, NYC, NY, 1992

Janet Cannon, CBGB's Gallery, NYC--1992

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading Image Theater, NYC, 1986

Janet Cannon, Image Theater, NYC--1986

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Neither:Nor, New York City, NY, circa 1985

Janet Cannon, Neither/Nor, NYC--1985

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Oura Art Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1980

Janet Cannon, Oura Art Gallery, Dallas, TX--1980

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading Brazos Bookshop, Austin, TX, circa_1979

Janet Cannon, Brazos Books, Austin, TX--1979

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Amos Eno Gallery, NYC, NY, 1987

Janet Cannon, Amos Eno Gallery, NYC--1987

Janet Cannon Poetry Reading, Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk, NE, 1983

Janet Cannon, Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk, NE--1983


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