A Poem from Janet Cannon's  Poetry Room at IsleWrite.com

hail to the jellyfish

we've demonstrated rallied
marched sat-in protesting
from diablo canyon to seabrook

we've blocked doorways
placed our bodies across
roads held hands around
cities walked miles without
terrestrial discriminations

we've signed petitions
distributed concerned scientists'
fact sheets publicly written
letters made speeches voted
and we haven't deterred
a single kilowatt hour
of nuclear energy production

but the jellyfish--hail
the jellyfish have done it!

they've shut down florida
power and light company's
st. lucie twin nuclear
reactor--hail the jellyfish!

they've clogged the ocean
water cooling system's filtering
screen--hail the jellyfish!

they've succeeded peacefully
without pomp--hail the jellyfish!
triumphant students of martin
luther king's nonviolent resistance
hail the jellyfish hail!

Poem by  Janet Cannon

Previously published in
Rochester Peace and Justice Education Center
NUCLEAR IMPACT: Broken Atoms in Our Hands